Your Guide to Decluttering Before You Move


If you’re planning to move to a better or larger house, you need to declutter your current home so that everything will be organized in your new home. It can take some time because you may want to keep some things because of their sentimental value, or you think they could be useful someday. For instance, you and your family may need to decide if you want to keep or donate items that you don’t use often or want in your new home.


Keep in mind that you do not need  to do all of the decluttering in a single day. Begin with the easy rooms, and things, and carefully work through the entire home. We have provided some informative tips to help simplify this task. Classify everything into three categories: Sell, Donate, or Discard. If an object doesn’t fit into any of these categories, it’s worth keeping.


Discard things that have outlasted their lifespan. 


You may be sentimentally attached to some things and may wish to retain them even if they take up space or are no longer functional, but don’t give into this illogical feeling and get rid of the objects so you can create more space.


Donate objects that can be useful to others.


Even if you no longer need items like kitchen supplies, spare clothes, and other usable things, they can still be of use to others. Keep in mind that an item that hasn’t been used for over a year may not be important to you anymore. If you don’t want to sell them, you can give them to friends/co-workers/charities who could put them to good use.


Sell valuable stuff to make money.


A few items may be too costly to just give away. For instance, some large appliances and/or antique furniture may not be the right size for your new home. Evaluate these objects’ value and try to make some money by selling them. You can quickly and easily sell them online and use the money to buy more suitable replacements for your new residence.


It can be hard to say goodbye to some of your beloved old stuff, but it is essential step to get rid of needless clutter in order to move positively into your life’s next phase. So, give away, discard, or sell your non-essential items and create space for better things.

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