Winter Tips for Homeowners


Tips for HomeownersWinter is a good time to do seasonal home maintenance chores and prepare your landscapes for spring. Plus, the work can help to make your residence a safe and warm haven during the chilly winter weather. In this article, we provide helpful home maintenance tips that even homeowners in places with mild winters can utilize.

Change Your Ceiling Fans’ Direction

If you are still maintaining your ceiling fans’ settings for summer temperatures, they need to spin in the opposite direction during winter so that they push air up towards the ceiling. This updraft will shift the hotter air and direct warmth downward into the rooms.

Mow the Lawn

Make sure to mow the lawn so that the trimmings provide a free winter mulch. Don’t use a bag, and mow using a mulching blade. This will result in smaller pieces that settle in the turf. When they decompose in winter, they’ll feed your lawn and prepare it for spring.

Check Your Heat Sources

Check all of your heat sources to make sure that they are safe. Keep your furnace air filter clean by removing any accumulated dirt and dust. This can make your furnace more efficient and safe. Remember to check your chimney and fireplace to make sure they’re all clear, clean, and in good condition for the winter. You can also install a carbon monoxide detector in your home as an added precaution.

Protect Your Plants

Pay special attention to shrubs and plants that are vulnerable to chilly temperatures. If the weather forecast is for a night freeze, cover the plants to protect them from the cold.


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