The Best Ways to Have Your Home Hurricane-Proof


A hurricane is capable of causing immense damage. Ensure that your home is hurricane-proof. As complicated as it sounds, there are easy ways to make your house impenetrable against mother nature’s harshest conditions.
Shattered glass will lead to a multitude of problems in your home. Fierce winds are a major aspect of hurricanes, and as such, it is imperative that your doors and windows are shatterproof. Shutters are an option if you are unable to afford shatterproof glass. The shutters do not have to remain on windows all the time – simply put them up when a hurricane threat is on the horizon.
Hurricanes are notorious for ripping garage doors completely off their hinges. When this happens, homes are exposed to excessive wins. Even your roof is vulnerable and capable of blowing right off. As such, garage doors should be evaluated for how strong they are against hurricanes. If replacing the door isn’t an option, consider getting it braced properly to endure the forces a hurricane, including its powerful winds.
It is important to have your gutters cleaned so that water is able to move through them. The speed of hurricane water is exponential. If water has no place to go, then it will remain on your roof, attic, and gutters. The pressure of its weight could be too much for a roof to handle, giving you a roofless home surrounded by immense flooding.
Stop your landscaping from getting out of control. Wild bushes or aging trees could damage your property when triggered by strong winds. Prevent this from happening by pruning all bushes and trees, and make sure that things are fastened securely. If anything that shouldn’t be is loose – which includes fruit on trees – yank them out before the arrival of the hurricane. Failure to do so could turn them into a weapon capable of property destruction.
Basic roof installations aren’t strong enough to endure the pressures a hurricane brings. What you should do is install hurricane clips, as they can strengthen your roof, as well as its rafters. A lack of reinforcement could cause the roof to be lifted by high wind pressure. Once the roof is gone, the remainder of your home is sure to follow.
Most people experience a power outage when a hurricane is taking place. Stop yourself from being powerless for days and get a generator installed. Your generator will act as a backup in case the power goes out. It isn’t necessary to buy a generator for the entire house, either. A small generator will do, one that keeps the power on for the essentials. The generator will run until the power comes back on.
In addition to wreaking havoc on your property, hurricanes can also be fatal for you and your loved ones. Taking the precautions necessary can go a long way when your property is vulnerable. Although the steps to be taken won’t make your home more valuable, they are a lot better than having a valueless home, post-hurricane. Your home is in investment, and as such, you should take all the steps necessary to protect it. In doing so, you will be protecting your loved ones.

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