Your Checklist for Spring Home Maintenance


During spring, the weather becomes warmer and the days are longer. It’s a great time to use the extra hours of daylight and fix any issues to your property that may have occurred in the winter. In this article, we’ve provided a checklist for spring home maintenance so you can restore your property’s good health.

Remove Mildew and Mold

Start by pressure washing your driveway, patio, home siding and decking. Remove mildew and mold and inspect all areas for any winter damage due to sitting water, snow, or ice.

Declutter Your Garage

Separate your garage items and decide whether you want to discard, sell, donate, or keep each object. You can organize your garage after selecting the things you want to keep. Add shelves to your garage walls or include storage space on the ceiling to store these items.

Exterior Painting

Before summer arrives, fix peeling or cracked paint on your home and property. Touch-up painting is quite affordable and can enable you to save costs over the long-term since it provides protection from damaging weather conditions.

Eliminate any Termites

Termite infestation can remain undetected until the harm is done. Therefore, you need to be careful. In spring, termites are busy finding mates and starting new colonies. Look for warning signs such as discarded wings, tiny tunnels on the porch or foundation, or mud tubes or tiny holes in wooden objects around your property.

Maintain Your Lawn Mower

If your home has a yard, prepare your lawn mower to cut the grass. Sharpen its cutting blade, change the oil in the engine and ensure the mower is good condition to keep your lawn in great shape during the spring and summer.

Inspect the Outdoor Faucets

Prepare the outdoor faucets for the coming hotter weather and check and fix any leaks. If your property has a sprinkler system, flush it and turn the device back on. Test your irrigations systems by hiring a professional, or your water provider.

Check the Air Conditioning System

First, ensure that your air conditioning has efficient air flow and trim any plants which may have sprouted around it. Next, get a professional to inspect the unit to make sure it is in proper working condition.

Clear the Gutters

Debris and leaves can accumulate in the rain gutters and may clog the water flow. Prevent damage by cleaning your rain gutters often. If you find it difficult to use a ladder, hire a professional to perform the job.

Wrap Up

Print this list and start doing the tasks one by one. Keep track of your maintenance and repair work so that you’ll be aware of what has been done in each season in order to maintain your property in top shape. This way, you can control your budget and perform home maintenance easily.

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