Pointers to Help You Select the Right Paint Colors for Your Residence


To transform your home’s look all you need to do is add a fresh coat of paint . This method is affordable and simple, but since there are numerous shades and colors available, selecting the right paint hues can be a difficult task.


In 2020, ”Living Coral” is the favorite color choice of many homeowners, but don’t rush out to the paint shop to buy it. To choose the ideal colors for your house, you need to consider the following factors:


Consider the finish and undertones


All hues possess undertones which are their secret code. You may not be easily able to see some undertones unless you pair them with other hues. The lighting, counter surfaces and floor can all highlight surprising undertones of your wall paint. Therefore, ensure the lighting or items in a room don’t bring out an unintended undertone.


Similarly, paint hues have varying finishes and sheens, such as semi-gloss or matte. High gloss is simpler to clean while matte finishes are not very durable, but affordable.


Give attention to the lighting


The light sources in the room can considerably impact the appearance of a color. For instance, sunshine or fluorescent bulbs can make a color look different. Therefore, it’s essential to consider lighting while choosing hues for a space.


Consider your neighborhood’s character


Applying a fresh paint coat to your home’s exterior can make it look good and boost curb appeal, and this can make your property more saleable. However, when picking a color for the façade, consider your neighborhood’s character, especially if you reside in an HOA area. Ensure the exterior’s color meshes well with your neighborhood and the surrounding landscape.


Select colors that complement the room’s furnishings

Take into account the room’s fixed furnishings such as inbuilt cabinets, tile, wallpaper, countertops, wood finishes, flooring etc., and select colors that can improve these elements. You should make sure that your wall hue complements the existing colors of your furnishings and cabinetry, specifically in the bathroom and kitchen.


Select popular colors to make your home more attractive to buyers

A real estate industry report reveals that your home’s color can powerfully impact its sale price. The results and rules of the paint colors differ depending on the type of room. Don’t hesitate to do the tedious task of painting your home with appealing colors as you could get rewarded handsomely for your efforts.

Don’t choose a hue online


Many a consumer has received an online purchase, like a dress or sweatshirt, that was a different color compared to what they ordered online. A computer screen can show colors differently on its monitor display. Therefore, don’t rely on a computer to pick your home paint colors. Instead, obtain hue chips from a paint or hardware store to make your choices.


Tips on popular paint colors to make your home more attractive  

  • The Blues

Blue is a royal color and its various shades can help your home increase in value.


Paint your front door Navy blue to boost your home sale price by  $1,500. This is an affordable way to upgrade your property’s look.


Periwinkle blue to light Pale blue paint is ideal for bathrooms. It raises the average home selling price by about $2,800.


Cadet blue or Cerulean is recommended for bedrooms.

  • Go for “Greige”


Greige is a trendy mix of light gray with warm beige. This neutral color can go well with textile, furniture and other types of furnishings. It is a safe hue for staging and can provide a classic look to your home. Greige outscores tan and brown, and increases your property price by a whopping $3,500.


  • Neutral Colors and Earth Tones


Don’t think neutral colors are boring and unattractive for your home. The fact is that properties that sport neutral colors have a wide appeal for both maximalists and minimalists. Properties with living rooms painted in light taupe, specifically with pink, peach or tan undertones, typically have higher sale prices than expected.


  • The Dependable Black


A solid black color is a great choice for the front door, or you can paint your kitchen islands black and have contrasting white cabinets.


Try to Avoid these Colors


Harmful colors that could bring down your property’s price include:


  • White– You may be surprised to know that bathrooms in plain white color reduced the sale rate by an average of about $4,000.


  • Red– Avoid red in the kitchen and dining room.


  • Yellow– Do not use yellow paint in the kitchen as it reduces the sale price by about $3,400 according to an industry report. Houses with brown walls and yellow undertones are not considered appealing.



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