Top Features that Can Improve Your Home’s Resale Value


Homeowners want to keep their property in good shape, of course. Prospective buyers may have features they are looking for in the home they buy. As a homeowner, it’s important to keep your property in good shape, not only to maintain the value of your home, but also to retain its resale value if/when you want to sell.  Here are some features that will add value to your home:

Attractive Landscape

The curb appeal of a home can boost its value as well as that of neighboring properties. People usually form their initial impression about a home from its curb. Sellers can improve their property’s curb appeal relatively inexpensively by clearing overgrown bushes, repainting the fence, and placing beautiful plants in the landscape. These improvements are quite affordable and can help entice many buyers.

For the long term, you can professionally landscape your yard and plant shade trees. You may need to maintain them diligently for many years, but they can be a huge selling point when you decide to sell. Don’t make the costly mistake of neglecting your landscape as it can become an eyesore and bring down the property’s value. If the property is maintained well, buyers will see that the owner is taking good care of the property.

Big Master Suite

A home’s master bedroom is a wonderful private space, so it should be kept in top condition. Sellers can consider remodeling this room, but still need to ensure that it has enough space so that the buyer can add new furniture, decorate it as per their taste, etc. The master bedroom doesn’t need to be as large as a hotel suite, but it should provide enough space to comfortably move about and relax every day.

A Functional Patio or Porch

A home’s patio or porch adds visual appeal and is an area where friends and family can relax, cook and eat. An outdoor grill, as well as a table and comfortable chairs will provide useful functionality.


Extra Bathroom

Most buyers look for two bathrooms in a home. However, an extra bathroom is a great value addition and can attract more potential purchasers.

Unfortunately, installing an extra bathroom costs a lot of money. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that new bathrooms return only about 60% of their expenses (on average) during a sale. Therefore, the cost of building one might not be worth it.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

Stainless steel appliances last for a long time and are a timeless style.

Flex Rooms

Another good selling point is extra rooms that can be converted into a guest room, TV room, playroom, home office or other type of room based on the homeowner’s tastes. These rooms are also termed double-duty or flex rooms, and have become popular with modern property buyers. They love these multi-purpose rooms as they are ideal for those with indoor hobbies and telecommuting jobs. The flex rooms offer a lot of possibilities for the buyer.

Sellers can simply create a multi-purpose room by cleaning out an extra room. They can provide their own suggestions about how a buyer can use it based on their experience, i.e. amount of sunlight, noise, etc.

Original Wooden Flooring

Carpets are now being replaced by engineered wood floors. This type is flooring is beautiful, durable, and provides the illusion of more floor space. Wood floors are not made of normal structural plywood but are constructed with a thin bamboo or real wood veneer. The look is luxurious, but the costs are not.

Storage Closets

Spacious closets are another great selling point. Buyers will surely appreciate ample storage space.

Well-Maintained Basement Room or Attic

Ensure that the basement room or attic has a clear and stable stairway, good insulation, sound interior walls, and windows for daylight, air, and an emergency exit. A basement or attic can increase the home’s functionality since they can be used as laundry space, storage space, study, or a useful extra room.

Efficient Sprinkler System

A capable sprinkler system on your property can help reduce water waste and eliminate the hard work of moving a sprinkler or hose around to take care of the yard. A buyer will want a yard that has been well maintained, especially if it  already has a quality sprinkler system.

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