Useful Spring Cleaning Tips for Homeowners


As the winter thaws and spring flowers begin to bloom, it’s the right time for homeowners to prepare their property for the warmer season coming up and to make it attractive and pest-free. You can start with simple chores like clearing out any  accumulated winter debris and irrigating your landscape. This can help to make your landscapes and home blend in with your community. We’ve provided some helpful spring care tips to help you get an idea of what you can do.

Prepare the Outdoors for Summer Enjoyment

Uncover your lawn furniture, ensure that your pool equipment is functioning properly with chemicals in the right balance, and irrigate your landscaping to keep it healthy. When summer comes, you’ll be ready to enjoy your hard work and lounge carefree in the great outdoors.

Scrutinize Your Perimeter

Walk around your property and note any symptoms of pests such as termites and ants, paint that requires a fresh coat, cracks that require repairs, etc., and provide suitable treatments.

Maintain Your Garden Tools

Sharpen the blades, restore all equipment to working condition, and check the oil in your gas-powered devices. Keep your equipment and tools in good shape so you can use them for your garden and landscape. Then, go indoors and ensure that your air conditioning filters and air conditioning are ready and clean for the warmer weather coming up.

Make Your Home Pest-Proof

Check for caulking failures in the windows, gaps in weather stripping, and whether the screens are intact and shore them up. Ensure that your home is properly protected from outdoor pests.

Enhance Your Irrigation

During spring, you can adjust your schedule for watering and conduct tests to find and repair any leaking sprinkler heads or irrigation lines. Make the required equipment replacements or repairs early to swiftly halt any inefficient use of water.

Trim Your Shrubs and Trees

This tip is important for both safety and appearance. In spring, trim your shrubs and trees to improve curb appeal and prevent excessive greenery from spoiling your home’s exterior.

Perform Yearly Plant Treatments

Identify and treat plants that need regular maintenance to avoid pest damage and to prevent fruits from producing a gooey mess.

Spring Clean the Outdoors

Use spring cleaning to decide what to keep and what to dispose of in your next garage sale. Make sure to clean your property outside too. Clean the spouts and gutters, wash the screens and windows, and clear your home’s drainage areas and exterior from accumulated winter obstructions.

Don’t Plant Pests

You need to be careful in selecting the plants to grow on your property to avoid choosing destructive species that damage native plants. Therefore, do your homework and pick native plants to your region to stay safe.

Weeding and Feeding

Spring is the right time to nurture your lawn grass and use anti-weed treatments to prevent the growth of disruptive weeds like dandelions. Be sure to properly follow the provided instructions while utilizing the treatments and take into consideration all factors such as anticipated precipitation, temperature and wind.

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